Let me introduce myself...

Truth is, I’ve been thinking of doing this for a long time. 

I need to introduce myself to some of you who don’t really know me.  You’ve seen my work, admired other’s portraits, headshots or branding photos, senior portraits, family portraits or other types of sessions but you rarely see me behind the scenes and can’t put the face with my brand.  Who is she?  What’s her story?  Why does she do this?
So let me tell you a little bit about me and how it all began.
I am Delores Holloway, owner of “a little bit of whimsy” or ” a little bit of whimsy photography”.  Yes, all lowercase… for a casual feel!
About 36 years ago, after graduating from UGA with a business degree, I decided to travel the world for just one year before starting my “career.” I became a flight attendant with Delta Airlines and quickly discovered the world outside of Georgia and my love for world travel. Nine years later, I was still flying, married to my husband (I met on a plane), and had three babies in tow. I was young, eager to continue my travels around the world, and yet I still wanted a little slice of the American dream I could call my own. I wanted to express myself, be creative, do something that was really meaningful… to me. With an inclination towards writing and a knack for articulating myself effectively, I envisioned crafting cards adorned with nice imagery  beautiful verses, poems, or thoughts of gratitude or love. To streamline the process, I initially focused on producing stationery featuring imagery alone.  A few years later, with a computer and a printer, I sought to start a business that would fill the void of diversity amongst card companies. I knew I had a way with words and wanted a hallmark-esque company catering specifically to African American children, inspired by the existing Mahogany line at Hallmark. When my kids had birthday parties, I was struck with how many people bought the same card depicting a little African American girl or boy.  Cute for sure, but I thought there should be more out here for people of color from which to choose. Thus, I started “a little bit of whimsy” with the intention of showcasing African American children on a specialized line of cards. I took pictures of kids and put them on cards and quickly realized how hard it was to market us to us. With different skin tones, hair types, facial features, people had a hard time seeing their kids in my line of cards. So I pivoted and adapted my approach by photographing individuals’ children and featuring them on personalized cards, a concept that later evolved to include family portraits for holiday cards. Armed with nothing more than a camera, a desktop computer, printer, cardstock paper, cutter, envelopes, and copious amounts of ribbon, “a little bit of whimsy” blossomed into a thriving business. However, the tragic events of 9/11 prompted a significant career transition, leading me to bid farewell to the airlines and dedicate myself fully to my family and MY business.

Fast forward a few years, my nephew asked if I could shoot a wedding. I enjoy a challenge, so I said yes and again pivoted. This led into a 10-year run shooting weddings. I loved documenting love because I am a hopeless romantic and was filled with the promise of love weekend after weekend. My business flourished and my reach expanded.

While I loved documenting weddings, after many years, I once again longed to do something more and make a difference among women now my age who I observed shying away from the camera repeatedly. I started to ask why and found out most were like me; they loved pictures but were not so comfortable or confident in front of the camera. So again… yes, another pivot. This time with a purpose that runs deep in my soul. As I looked at an old framed portrait of my great-great-grandmother, I reflected on what it must have taken for her to capture such a stunning image at the time. It couldn’t have been easy, but to her, it must have been important. That portrait graces the wall of my office, and I look at her and smile every time I complete a portrait session with a woman who understands my passion and thereafter wants a portrait of herself on the wall now… no matter what. I believe that every woman should have a portrait of themselves on the wall. Not on a hard drive, not on a computer, not in the cloud, but there, on the wall… printed on a canvas or mounted in a frame for the world to see. This drives me to reach women and encourage them to take the leap and come to me to create something that will last a lifetime. Creating that portrait for everyone to dream of who she is or perhaps decades later who she was and appreciate that she thought it was important to show up for legacy’s sake is so profoundly important to me!

I’ve been married for 34 years, have 3 beautiful, successful adult children, and enjoy the empty nest that now seems…well…empty.  I still enjoy traveling the world, I am a plant mom, I enjoy helping my husband grow some of the food we eat, and I love coffee in the morning and anything cheesy, salty, or fermented!  I have gray hair that has taken on a world of its own… but that is a story for another day.   I do love writing my thoughts and I do think I’m fairly good at it but I’m not a good speller and the rules of punctuation frustrate me.  So if you see a … in the middle of my sentences, it’s because I’m just trying to get it out… not necessarily trying to be correct.  That’s who I am, and I’m ok with it and I hope you are too.  I’m a portrait photographer, not an editor!

As I begin this new chapter of revealing more of me, the essence of my art, and its impact on others, I invite you to join me on this journey of empowerment and self-discovery. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, a fresh perspective, or simply contemplating the idea of stepping in front of the lens, know that you’re not alone. Together, let’s redefine beauty, celebrate individuality, and immortalize the essence of who you are for generations to come. 

On the wall!

Until next time!!!

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